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KISSS Subsurface Textile Irrigation - the Original

Irrigation & Water Technologies led the research into Subsurface Textile Irrigation starting back in 1990.  Fueled by a desired to find a better way to irrigate than sprinklers and normal drip, David Hinton and Athol Murray persevered for many years until KISSS was perfected and patented as Capillary Root Zone Irrigation (CRZI).

KISSS focuses on delivering water directly to the soil beneath the roots with pressure-compensated drip tape.  The water is delivered relatively slowly, due to the technology, and uses the capillary action of the soil to draw water UP to the roots.  This results in the most efficient use of water possible as the system only needs to consider the water needed by the plants - not evaporation, drainage, run-off and many other issues confronted by traditional irrigation systems.

Water usage can be saved by up to 70%!  Typically, you will save more than 50% and get healthier, more drought-resistent plants in the process (download the "SSTI Fact Sheet" and see research references).


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