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10 Reasons why Subsurface Textile Irrigation is the Best Irrigation Method

Posted by Samantha Ninness on

Many people have tried numerous traditional irrigation systems to no avail. So, this raises the question of how do you know which irrigation system is the best option for your lawn or garden? This blog post will provide you with 10 reasons why Subsurface Textile Irrigation is the only (best) irrigation method for your lawn and garden.

1. Provides substantial water savings

Subsurface Textile Irrigation provides water savings between 50-70%. This is due to Subsurface Textile Irrigation only considering the water needed by the plants, resulting in the most efficient use of the water possible.

2. No root intrusion

Broad wetting pattern ensures that roots don’t seek out the drip emitter. In addition, drip emitters are physically protected by the geotextile.

3. Your lawn and garden can be used at all times

The surface can be used at all times, even when irrigating as the surface will remain dry due to water never reaching the surface.

4. Water and nutrients are delivered to the entire root zone

Water is only delivered to where water is needed the most. Thus, plants are healthier and have a far greater yield.

5. Simple to install and maintain with low operational and maintenance costs

Subsurface Textile Irrigation is not subject to the effects of weather, animals, machinery, vandals or other terrestrial conditions. Thus, lowering ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

6. Both recycled and treated water can be safely used

Subsurface Textile Irrigation is the only irrigation system that can safely use recycled or treated water without the need for expensive treating systems. This is due to water never reaching the surface.

7. Subsurface Textile Irrigation is a permanent solution

All materials are inert and components are beneath the surface and not exposed to the elements. If maintained correctly it can last for decades.

8. Less weeds

Weed growth is minimised because the water does not reach the surface.

9. No evaporation

No evaporation occurs due to water not reaching the surface as irrigation is situated below the ground.

10. No wasted water due to drainage

This is due to the broad wetting pattern evenly covering the entire root zone.