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What is Subsurface Textile Irrigation

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Are you thinking about installing Subsurface Textile Irrigation in your lawn and garden but are not exactly sure what it is or how it works? Choosing the right irrigation technology is important in growing and maintaining healthy lawn and gardens. Below you will find what you need to know about Subsurface Textile Irrigation and how it works.

What is Subsurface Textile Irrigation

Subsurface Textile Irrigation is a revolutionary technology designed to save water and improve irrigation efficiencies and performance. This technology is designed specifically for subsurface irrigation in all soil textures. It uses a geotextile fabric (see diagram) installed below the surface to deliver water to the entire root zone.

How it works

Specific geotextiles absorb the water from the drippers and rapidly transport that water via mass flow and capillary action along the geotextile delivering water and nutrients directly to the root zone (see diagram). Subsurface Textile Irrigation enables intimate control of the speed of the water delivery so that the capillary action of any soil can be matched. Thus, plants are healthier and have a far greater yield. 

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