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10 Tips and Tricks to Consider When Installing Subsurface Irrigation

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Thinking about installing an irrigation system in your lawn and garden? Consider the following tips and tricks when installing subsurface irrigation yourself.

Tip One: Water your lawn well the day before. This will make the lawn moist and easy to dig out.

Tip Two: Print out an example layout diagram and have it handy when installing (see image below).

Tip Three: Use a string line or spray marking paint to mark out trench layout.

Tip Four: Place plastic sheeting down to load soil onto while digging. This will protect the grass around the trench and make it easier to replace the soil and grass.

Tip Five: Use a trenching shovel to remove the soil and grass together. This will make it easier to put back into the trench later.

Tip Six: Adding a handful of gypsum every 1.0m will help the water spread in the soil (optional).

Tip Seven: Start back-filling the trenches with soil from the tap end and then replace the turf. 

Tip Eight: When filling the trench compact the soil and grass firmly and water the grass well to help it sit into the soil.

Tip Nine: Use liquid fertilizer and overhead watering for a few days after to help heal the damage.

Tip Ten: Consider adding a battery powered timer to your tap to set watering schedules. This minimises water wastage but maximises growth. 

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